Help! I Have a Sick Bird at my Bird Feeder

Posted by Nancy on 6/12/2018 to Learn More About Birds
Question:  I have a sparrow sitting near our feeder that is still and not eating.  Its feathers are puffed out like it is cold, but other birds are not indicating the weather is affecting them.  Is the bird sick?  What should I do?

Is My Tortoise Constipated?

Posted by Nancy on 6/5/2018 to Turtles, Box Turtles and Tortoises
Is My Tortoise Constipated?

Question:  I think my tortoise is constipated.   What would cause this and how do I prevent it in the future?

Answer:  The first thing we need to discuss is your tortoise’s appetite.  Your tortoise will have a greatly diminished appetite if it is constipated.