Do Hummingbirds Remember Who Feeds Them?

Posted by Nancy on 5/22/2018 to Hummingbirds
My wife tells me that I am getting the same hummingbirds to my hummingbird feeders because hummingbirds remember who feeds them.  Can this be true?  Don't they just find a feeder that is in their range?

Do Rattlesnakes Lay Eggs or Give Live Births?

Posted by Nancy on 5/15/2018 to Rattlesnakes

Question: I have heard that rattlesnakes give live birth, but I heard Tom talking about a rattlesnake having up to 25 eggs. Can you please explain this discrepancy?

Will Birds Starve if I Stop Feeding?

Posted by Nancy on 5/8/2018 to Learn More About Birds
Will Birds Starve if I Stop Feeding?
The goal of Brittingham's study was to learn whether birds become dependent on feeders and loose the ability to forage in the wild.