Do Sandhill Cranes Have Feathers on Their Faces?

Posted by Nancy on 3/25/2015 to Learn More About Birds
Do Sandhill Cranes have feathers on their face?

Geographic Color Variations in Red-eared Sliders

Posted by Nancy on 3/18/2015 to Turtles, Box Turtles and Tortoises
There are huge differences in shell coloring in any group of Red-eared Sliders, just as there are huge differences in the way people look.  There are also geographic variations across their range. 

Why Do Birds Eat What They Do

Posted by Nancy on 3/11/2015 to Learn More About Birds
 Why can't all the birds eat the same thing?  Wouldn't it be less stressful for the birds to be able to eat all types of food?

How Far Can Birds Fly?

Posted by Nancy on 3/4/2015 to Learn More About Birds
 He asked "How far can a bird fly?" I know that you have grandchildren that you are teaching about nature.  Have you got an answer for an eight year old?