Anna's at my Hummingbird Feeder

Posted by Nancy on 10/29/2009 to Hummingbirds
A fascinating fact about this little gem of a bird (Anna's Hummingbird) is his display.  This little guy will not only display for a female hummingbird, but will show off for humans frequently. He will let you know that you are about to be treated to this display by hovering 6-12 feet in front of you. 

Winter Bird Visitors Already?

Posted by Nancy on 10/20/2009 to Learn More About Birds
I looked out the window this past week to see a Pinion Jay at our stainless steel sunflower bird feeder.  I did a double take.  We have had them in our yard before, but usually in December and January, and then only when we have snow at our elevation which only happen a few times a year.  Although Tom was sure I knew what a Pinion Jay looked like after helping band them for years, his eyebrow still went up just a little.

Rufous Hummingbirds - The Bully of My Hummingbird Feeders

Posted by Nancy on 10/2/2009 to Learn More About Birds
I have to confess, sometimes I get really aggravated at the Rufous Hummingbird. We have had Black-chinned Hummingbirds here all summer. They have nested in our yard and entertained us with their acrobatic flight. Now migration is on and that little tiny bully known as the Rufous has managed to intimidate our summer long visitors.