Winter Bird Visitors Already?

Posted by Nancy on 10/20/2009 to Learn More About Birds

What is the winter weather going to bring us?

I looked out the window this past week to see a Pinion Jay at our stainless steel sunflower bird feeder.  I did a double take.  We have had them in our yard before, but usually in December and January, and then only when we have snow at our elevation which only happen a few times a year.  Although Tom was sure I knew what a Pinion Jay looked like after helping band them for years, his eyebrow still went up just a little.

"How unusual," was his only comment.

Just a few days ago Tom hollered in from the family room "Hey, we have a Scrub Jay eating at the suet bird feeder!"

"How unusual," was my only comment.  Although I have to tell you that I did get a good look at him and will confirm his finding.

This morning while we were sipping from our coffee mugs we had a Dark-eyed Junco stop for a bite to eat at the hopper bird feeder.  We looked at each other and said at the same time "How unusual!"  We can laugh and tease each other and this sort of teasing always makes the day start off right.

It does make us wonder-what kind of weather will we be having if the birds are already scouting out bird feeders at our lower elevation?

Are you people from up north feeling sorry for us?

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