Why a Radiated Tortoise

Posted by Nancy on 1/13/2016 to Turtles, Box Turtles and Tortoises
We are often asked why we choose the reptiles we do when we develop a new cap.  One of our newest is the Radiated Tortoise Cap.  This tortoise has the standard high domed carapace of all tortoises, but in the center of each plate there are beautiful yellow lines radiating out.  The legs reflect the yellow of the shell's stars and the head is yellow with a black patch on the top.

The tortoise we choose for our cap is the Astrochelys radiata and is from southern and southwestern areas of the island of Madagascar.  This tortoise has smooth scutes and the star pattern is much more intricate and finely defined than that other star tortoises.  The Geochelone elegans star tortoise has pyramidal shaped scutes, is not as finely starred and is from India.    

Anyone considering a Radiated Tortoise as a pet should know that the average life span is 60 to 80 years with the oldest recorded lifespan being 188 years old.  You will need to provide a secure outdoor space for your tortoise and an indoor space when the temperature falls below 55 degrees.  If you are thinking of a Radiated Tortoise as a pet, please completely  research your tortoise's care, the tortoise diet and the housing requirements. Also, you should definitely keep the age span in mind.

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