The Warblers Are Migrating

Posted by Nancy on 9/5/2013 to Our Bird Trips
The Birding Is Great!  I love to say that.

The fall warbler migration is coming through Portal, AZ.  Now most of the warblers still have their breeding plumage so identification is significantly easier than trying to ID those little birds in nonbreeding plumage. This past week we have had Wilson’s Warblers, Yellow Warblers and Lucy’s Warblers at our bird bath.  This spurred a warbler hunting trip from our house in the scrubland up through Paradise in deciduous forest to the top of the mountain by Rustler Park which is high elevation pine forest.  We then came back down by the Southwest Reach Station.  You can visit our Portal, AZ birding map to see the route we took.

Although we did not get any rare species, we did compile a nice list of migratory warbler species including the Orange-crowned, Townsend’s, Hermit, and Mac Gillivary’s.  Now I didn't get the Hermit Warbler, but then Tom didn't see the Orange-crowned so I guess we are even.
The warblers that breed in the area have not all migrated yet so we can add to the list the Red-faced , Lucy’s, and Painted Redstart.  At Barfoot Park we thought we had a Grace’s Warbler, but didn't get a good enough look to make a positive identification.
There were several that we have recorded in our Birds of North America Checklist for previous years but did not find on this trip. Notably missing were the Virginia and Olive on the way to Paradise.  If you add this list to the hummingbirds in the area right now all I can say is “The Birding Is Great!”  I love to say that.

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