Snake Hook ~ 24"
Snake Hook ~ 24'

Snake Hook ~ 24"

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This is a very popular small hook. This hook is 24 inches long, has a wooden handle, 3/16" stainless steel shaft and a jaw opening of 1 1/2". Use this hook for smaller species and when working with captive animals.

*This hook is not made for handling large venomous snakes.*

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This 24 inch snake hook is a very good tool for safe handling! Seems to be very sturdy and is designed well. Great for handling coral snakes (micurus fulvius),pygmy rattlesnakes (sisturus miliarius barbouri), juvenile cottonmouths (Agkistrodon piscivorous conanti), and juvenile Eastern diamondbacks (Crotalus adamanteus). Great for captive snakes as well! This hook is also good for those that dont like taking bites from garter snakes, racers, water snakes, and rat snakes.
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Reviewed by:  from Florida . on 7/18/2013

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