How to Keep Narrow-mouthed Toads in Captivity

Posted by Nancy on 2/8/2018 to Reptile Care Sheets
I recently discovered Eastern Narrow-mouthed Toads near a pond by my house.  I am thinking about collecting some and then try to breed them.  Do you have any advice about this species?

The Steppe Runner - A Great Lizard for Beginners

Posted by Nancy on 2/25/2015 to Reptile Care Sheets
I'm often asked if I can recommend a lizard for beginning herpetoculturists that does not get as large as a bearded dragon. They also want a lizard that will become very tame with gentle handling. The Steppe Runner has come on the scene and is now available.

Tomato Frogs - Not Your Garden Variety Pet

Posted by Nancy on 1/8/2015 to Reptile Care Sheets
How to care for your Tomato Frogs including how to choose a healthy frog how to set up a terrarium for it and how to feed your pet.