Red Diamondback Rattlesnake - What a Beauty!

Posted by Nancy on 7/17/2018 to Rattlesnakes
Red Diamondback Rattlesnake - What a Beauty!
The Red Diamondback Rattlesnake is one of the most beautiful of all the rattlesnakes I have seen.  They have brownish red diamonds with white edges.  The belly is a creamy white.  

Do Rattlesnakes Lay Eggs or Give Live Births?

Posted by Nancy on 5/15/2018 to Rattlesnakes

Question: I have heard that rattlesnakes give live birth, but I heard Tom talking about a rattlesnake having up to 25 eggs. Can you please explain this discrepancy?

Rattlesnake Dens

Posted by Nancy on 5/22/2013 to Rattlesnakes
Once I have captured the rattlesnake and have it in the bucket with a good security lid made for reptiles and ready for transport there is usually a question I am asked.  Do I think there is a rattlesnake den on their property?