Rattlesnakes of Arizona Volume 1
Rattlesnakes of Arizona Volume 1

Rattlesnakes of Arizona Volume 1

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Volume 1 - Foreword by Bayard H. Brattstrom Original art by Tell Hicks 

Arizona is known for their diverse collection of rattlesnakes. This book discusses the evolution, natural history, and behavior of these interesting snakes. Tell Hicks, known worldwide for his wildlife artwork is the artist for the superb book with a chapter dedicated to the artwork of rattlesnakes. You will then find chapters on conservation and the role these snakes have in the southwestern ecosystems.  This book has hundreds of tables, graphs and color images.

The contributing authors are Randall S. Reiserer, Roger A. Repp, Gordon W. Schuett, John M. Slone, Charles F. Smith, Carol L. Spencer, Michael E. Douglas, Martin J. Feldner, Matt Goode, Tell Hicks, Jesse M. Meik, Charles W. Painter, Mickey Ray Parker, Trevor B. Persons, John P. Porter, David B. Prival, Bob Ashley, David G. Barker, Kent R. Beaman, Bayard H. Brattstrom, Michael D. Cardwell, and Mark A. Davis.

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