Pillbugs and Other Isopods
Pillbugs and Other Isopods

Pillbugs and Other Isopods

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Pillbugs and Other Isopods: Cultivating Vivarium Clean-up Crews and Feeders for Dart Frogs, Arachnids, and Insects

by Orin McMonigle

The pillbug and its relatives are beloved the world over by children-in this text they get their due for adults. Spectacular cultivars and amazing species represent an often forgotten group of backyard arthropods. In recent years the beautiful peach pillbug, zebra armadillo-bug, and Dalmatian isopod, among others, have burst on the scene in a growing hobby. Their use as feeders for herps and invertebrates combined with spectacular clean-up crew attributes for terrariums and paludariums may be the main assets of the isopod, but after learning about these spectacular beauties, their simple husbandry, and historical cultivation, the child inside may fall in love again.

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