Mountain Goat Embroidered Cap
Mountain Goat Embroidered Cap

Mountain Goat Embroidered Cap

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This is a brand new cap with the following features:

  • Colorful embroidered design of a Mountain Goat on a new, high quality, 100% preshrunk cotton Khaki Green cap.
  • Fully adjustable back with antique brass finish buckle to fit nearly all teens and adults.


Common Name: Mountain Goat

Latin Name:  Oreamnos americanus

Range:   Natural Range extreme southern Alaska,south Yukon, British Columbia, southwestern Alberta, parts of Washington, Northern Idaho and northwestern Montana.  Introduced to Oregon, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming and South Dakota. 

Fact:  The Mountain Goat is not a true goat but belongs to a group known as goat-antelope.  Their hooves are well adapted to rocky peaks, with a sharp outer rim that grips and rubbery sole that provides traction on steep or smooth surfaces.

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