Monarch Butterfly Coaster
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Monarch Butterfly Coaster

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This is a 4 1/4" eco-friendly cork coaster with a laser engraved design of a Monarch Butterfly with its name engraved above it. This coaster has a picture and short story on the back. It is sealed and can be hand washed. Be sure to pick up a coaster caddy that will hold either 4 or 6 coasters to keep your coasters handy.

 The story on the back reads: 

 The Monarch Butterfly

 The Monarch butterfly is among the most beautiful of insects and perhaps the most traveled. There are four generations of Monarch butterflies in a migration of over 2,500 miles to warmer parts of the earth. The first generation only lives up to 6 weeks, whereas by the 4th generation of Monarchs, a single butterfly can live up to six or eight months while finding better climates. The color and pattern of a Monarch butterfly fluctuates between the male and females. Males have an eye shaped dot over a thin vein on either side of their hind wing.  

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