Millipeds in Captivity
Millipeds in Captivity

Millipeds in Captivity

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Millipeds in Captivity: Diplopodan Husbandry and Reproduction Biology

by Orin McMonigle and Richard L. Hoffman

Millipedes in Captivity is a must have for anyone serious about keeping and breeding millipedes. This well written and researched 120 page book by Orin McMonigle is the best book on the subject you will find. It covers all aspects of millipede husbandry, including millipede biology, reproduction and health issues, captive habitats, substrate composition, and supplemental foods. In addition, care requirements and husbandry tips are provided for over three dozen species of millipede, including all the popular species available to the hobbyist. If you're new to the hobby or an experienced keeper, you'll find a wealth of information in this beautifully illustrated book.

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