Incubating Chelonian Eggs
Incubating Chelonian Eggs

Incubating Chelonian Eggs

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Incubating Chelonian Eggs (Chelonian Library #5) Hardcover

by Andreas S. Hennig

This book provides an up-to-date source of incubation data of more than 200 Turtle- and Tortoise species and subspecies currently breed. 200 tabular overviews give information on humidity, temperature, clutch size and period of incubation. Furthermore, Andreas Hennig describes useful incubators, breeding substrates and temperature dependent gender. He collected data not only from publications or personal experience, but also included unpublished information gathered from a lot of breeders he knows personally. It’s sad to say, but many species won’t survive without effective captive breeding and Andreas Hennig's book is a fundamental tool to do so.

This is a new hard cover copy.

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