When Should I Stop Feeding Hummingbirds?

Posted by Nancy on 9/20/2018 to Hummingbirds
When Should I Stop Feeding Hummingbirds?
I have heard that I need to take down my hummingbird feeder to make the hummingbirds migrate. Is this true? When should I take them down?

Broad-tailed Hummingbirds – Did You Know?

Posted by Nancy on 7/10/2018 to Hummingbirds
Broad-tailed Hummingbirds – Did You Know?
It was cold enough in the Rocky Mountains that Dad agreed to reconsider tenting for a few nights.  The fact that the Broad-tailed Hummingbird could survive the cold fascinated me.  I have since learned that they enter a state of slow metabolism called torpor and only maintain a body temperature of about 54 degrees.

Do Hummingbirds Remember Who Feeds Them?

Posted by Nancy on 5/22/2018 to Hummingbirds
My wife tells me that I am getting the same hummingbirds to my hummingbird feeders because hummingbirds remember who feeds them.  Can this be true?  Don't they just find a feeder that is in their range?

My Hummingbirds Are Sick!

Posted by Nancy on 6/12/2013 to Hummingbirds
  I have been using hummingbird feeders to feed hummers for years and have never seen the bird's head covered with a yellow substance that looks like it could be a fungus before.  I remember reading that feeding honey can foster mold, fungus and bacteria growth. 

Anna's at my Hummingbird Feeder

Posted by Nancy on 10/29/2009 to Hummingbirds
A fascinating fact about this little gem of a bird (Anna's Hummingbird) is his display.  This little guy will not only display for a female hummingbird, but will show off for humans frequently. He will let you know that you are about to be treated to this display by hovering 6-12 feet in front of you.