How Do Frogs Hear?

Posted by Nancy on 10/13/2013 to All About Reptiles

Question:  If frogs call to attract a mate they must be able to hear.  How do they do it?  Do they have ears?

Answer:  Frogs do attract mates by calling.  They do hear, but do not have external fleshy protrusions like what we call "ears."  The frogs have an exposed eardrum call a tympanum on each side of their heads.  The tympanum is bigger and more obvious on species in the Rana family.  The tympanum is a round circle usually right behind the eye.  A great species for you to see the tympanum on is a bullfrog.  You can even sex a bullfrog by the size of the tympanum.  The male has a much larger one than the female.  I hope this answers your question about how frogs hear


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