Dragonfly Squadron T-shirt
Dragonfly Squadron T Shirt

Dragonfly Squadron T-shirt

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Dragonflies are the master's of flight in the insect world.  They can move each of their four wings independently.  Not only can they flap their wings up and down, but they can flap their wings forwards and backwards.  They can match the hummingbird with their flight patterns, flying up or down, forwards or backwards, hovering in a single spot and making hairpin turns.  The dragonfly can accomplish these feats and travel at 30 mph. 

This T-shirt features dragonflies forming a squadron of flight that any pilot would envy.  The 100% preshrunk cotton shirt has eight different species of dragonflies including the Amber Wing,  Halloween Pennant, Green Darner, Whitetail, Flag Clubtail, Flame Skimmer, Blackwing Damselfly, and the Blue Dancer.

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