Coral Snake Embroidered Cap
Coral Snake Cap

Coral Snake Embroidered Cap

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This is a brand new cap with the following features:

  • Colorful embroidered design of a Coral Snake on a new, high quality, 100% preshrunk cotton Khaki Green cap.
  • Fully adjustable back with antique brass finish buckle to fit nearly all teens and adults.


Common Name: Coral Snake

Latin Name: Eastern Coral Snake is Micrurus fulvius

                     Western or Arizona Coral Snake is Micruoides euryxanthus   

Range:  The Eastern Coral Snake ranges from Texas to North Carolina, south to Florida.

              The Western Coral Snake range is primarily in northern Mexico and the Sonoran Desert of Arizona.  (However, we see them here in Portal every year.) 

Fact: Although coral snakes have the second most potent venom of any snake (only second to the Black Mamba), they are not considered highly dangerous because of a lack of effective delivery system.

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