Camper Crossing Sign
Camper Crossing Sign

Camper Crossing Sign

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When were campers invented?  Well according to France they invented campers around 1810 when wagons were used to carry people instead of just freight.  The British say they were first used by traveling showmen in the 1820s.  The Romani people started living full time in caravans around the 1850s. 

 In North America the covered wagon was gained popularity around 1745. But it was in Canada that the first homes we built on auto bodies.  The U.S. has had camping clubs since the 1920s.

The current day RVs certainly had humble beginnings!

This is a new sign with the follow features:

12" x 12" screen printed on caution yellow

Sturdy .032 aluminum sign with rounded corners

Drilled hole for hanging

It features a picture of a camper

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