Black Bear Embroidered Cap
Black Bear Embroidered Cap

Black Bear Embroidered Cap

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This is a brand new cap with the following features:

Colorful embroidered design of the head of a Black Bear on a new, high quality, 100% preshrunk cotton Khaki Green cap.

Fully adjustable back with antique brass finish buckle to fit nearly all teens and adults.


Common Name: Black Bear

Latin Name: Ursus americanus

Range: There are 16 recognized subspecies the range from northern Canada and Alaska, south into Mexico. Found from the Atlantic to the Pacific, in appropriate habitat.

Fact: Usually silent (except in movies in which sounds are dubbed in). A variety of grunts in amiable situations. Loud blowing noises when frightened. Clack teeth when frightened. They use a resonant, humanlike "voice" to express a range of emotions from pleasure to fear. Does not threaten by growling (except in movies). In story-telling, any sound a bear makes is called a growl.

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