We are ornithologists and herpetologists. Now don't head for the dictionary, it means we get paid to watch birds and observe reptiles in the wild. How sweet is that?? We have done scientific studies from the tropics of south Florida to the lake country of Minnesota, from the lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas to areas in Montana where we could wave to our Canadian friends, and south to the sand dunes of southern California. We have chosen to make our home in Portal, Arizona. It is a very rural area, but with 14 different species of hummingbirds, tropical bird migrants from Mexico and reptile species found nowhere else in the United States, it seemed like the perfect place for us!


Now that we are retired, we have opened this business which combines both of our prime interests.  We pride ourselves in offering the best of the items we sell.  The easy-to-clean and easy-to-fill Best 1 Hummingbird Feeders are the most popular on the market.  Our “Good Reptile Food” is not just a name.  It is our promise.  We offer the very best books on reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates by the foremost authors in the world from ECO Herpetological, Edition Chimaira and outstanding independent authors. Midwest Tongs are the best professional snake-handling equipment on the market today.  Our embroidered wildlife caps are available in over 150 designs and have outstanding embroidery detail.  Our signs are made of sturdy .032 aluminum so will last almost forever, even outside.  Our 11-ounce  ceramic coffee mugs feature graphics from some of the foremost wildlife artists in the world and our nightlights, with their intricate laser cuts are artwork that will remind you each day of your kinship with nature.  Nothing but the very best for our customers.  Whether you are shopping for your own nature-themed gift items for a naturalist friend or relative, welcome to Tom’s Bird Feeders and Reptile Supplies. 

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