Midwest Economy Snake Tongs - 6 Lengths - Great Quality

Midwest Economy Snake Tongs - 6 Lengths - Great Quality

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This quality snake tong is perfect for the person who just occasionally moves a snake from their yard or a great entry level tong for the amateur snake hunter. It is also a great choice for the collector that has a hot collection of snakes. The handle and the jaw are polymer plastic with a latex non-slip grip on the trigger and the top of the handle.  The handle and jaws are screwed into the metal shaft. The jaws are 2 ½ inches wide which will reduce the pressure on the ribs of the snake.  This will reduce the wiggle when the snake is grabbed providing the pressure from squeezing the handle is not excessive.  The jaws will lock completely closed for storing but is not made to lock when you are handling a snake. It has no exposed cables or springs. You will feel confident when moving a venomous snake with this tong. 

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