Coiled Rattlesnake Coaster
Coiled Rattlesnake Coaster

Coiled Rattlesnake Coaster

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Part Number:TBF-CO-1172
This is a 4 1/4" eco-friendly cork coaster with a laser engraved design of a coiled rattlesnake.  This coaster has a picture and short story on the back. It is sealed and can be hand washed. Be sure to pick up a coaster caddy that will hold either 4 or 6 coasters to keep your coasters handy.

 The story on the back reads: 


 Rattlesnakes pick up vibrations through their body muscles which send sound through to their jaw bones and on to their inner ear organs. Rattlesnakes do not have outer ears and therefore rely on these vibrations to pick up sound. The snake’s eyes can detect objects or movement from about 40 feet away, but its vision is much sharper when objects are closer. A rattlesnake’s pupils are elliptical, not round, which enables the snake to see well in dim light. This is helpful for them when hunting at night.

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